Monkey Publishing, 2007
2nd place in the 2005 Abilene Writer's Guild Annual
2nd Honorable Mention in the Unpublished Novel
Chapter category of the 2005 Florida Freelance
Writers Association

This is the story of Ketorai, an empath from
Idyah. She also possesses another rare gift:
Projective Visual Telepathy. To her people,
she's a freak. To the Twin Circle, she's an
abhorrence of God. To her friends, she's a

Excerpt:  Ket began to crawl toward the cave.
She didn’t know what the sky looked like. The
air, the sky, everything, had turned yellow from
the fungus dust. It matted in her eyes and her
nose. She opened her mouth to breath through
her teeth and she had to pause to wipe her
eyes every few crawl steps just to be able to
see. The rain blew straight against her,
sideways. She had to hunker lower and lower
to the ground to keep the wind from picking her
up. Her body would never recover from this.
Then again, if she didn’t reach that cave, she
wouldn’t have to worry about it: she’d be dead.
Wendy L. Koenig
Under Twin Suns

I just signed a contract with Monkey
Publishing for
One to Lose.  It is
scheduled for release sometime in m
9. My science-fiction novel, Under
Twin Suns
, has met with huge success
and I'm hard at work on the second novel
of that series.
My poetry book,
These Burning Stones,
has also been flying off the shelves.   
Keep an eye out for my next novel, and
the second in the Dijru Hand series:  
Spinning the Tides.